How To Uninstall Pro Tools on Mac (Ultimate Guide)

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Considering uninstalling Pro Tools from your Mac? Many users find themselves needing to remove this powerful audio production tool for a variety of reasons, ranging from freeing up disk space to resolving software conflicts and malfunctions.

In this article, we’ll explore the common reasons behind the need to uninstall Pro Tools and guide you through the process step by step.

Reasons to uninstall Pro Tools from your Mac

While it’s known for being a powerful digital audio workstation (DAW), it’s not immune to the common issues that plague any software. Understanding why you might need to uninstall Pro Tools can help you make an informed decision and potentially solve any underlying issues you’re experiencing with your Mac.

  • Freeing Up Disk Space: Pro Tools is a heavyweight in terms of disk space usage. If you’re not actively using it, the program can take up valuable space on your Mac’s startup disk that could be used for other things.
  • Software Conflicts and Malfunctions: Sometimes, Pro Tools might not work as expected. It could crash, refuse to open, or experience glitches. Such issues not only disrupt your workflow but can also cause data loss. A fresh reinstall can eliminate corrupt files that may have been causing the software to malfunction.
  • Switching Software: You may be considering a different DAW for compatibility or personal preference reasons. There are options you can consider that have a simpler workflow and might better suit your needs.
uninstall pro tools on mac

Whether you are looking to try a new environment for your audio work or you are simply freeing up space on your Mac, a thorough and clean uninstall is always essential for keeping your system running smoothly.

Completely uninstall Pro Tools from your Mac using SpyHunter

For a complete and secure uninstall of Pro Tools from your system, you can rely on SpyHunter and its App Uninstaller to handle the removal process for you.

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide on how to use SpyHunter to fully uninstall Pro Tools:

  1. Download SpyHunter and perform the on-screen steps to set up the downloaded application.
  2. Start SpyHunter and navigate to the App Uninstaller tab in its main menu. This will initiate a scan, displaying all the apps installed on your Mac along with their associated files.
  3. Once the scan finishes, review the list of apps and find Pro Tools in it. Select it and ensure all items under Related Files are checked.
completely remove pro tools using spyhunter
  1. Proceed with the uninstall clicking the Remove Selected button in the bottom right of the SpyHunter window.
  2. After SpyHunter has removed Pro Tools and all related files, restart your Mac to complete the uninstallation process.
spyhunter can completely uninstall pro tools from mac

Using SpyHunter’s App Uninstaller streamlines the removal process by automating it and taking care of all leftover files, eliminating the need for you to manually hunt them down. This ensures you have reclaimed maximum space on your Mac for your other needs.

Step-by-step guide: Manually uninstall Pro Tools on Mac

The process of uninstalling any Mac app begins with quitting the app in question properly.

Step 1: Quit Pro Tools

Before you proceed with the uninstall, you should make sure Pro Tools is not running. Right-click the Pro Tools icon in the Dock and select Quit from the context menu.

quit avid pro tools from dock

You can also use the top Mac menu bar. Click on the Pro Tools name in the top-left corner of the screen, then select Quit Pro Tools from the drop-down menu.

quit pro tools from menu

If Pro Tools is not responding to your attempts to quit, use Activity Monitor to force quit the app. Open Activity Monitor and select all processes that have “Pro Tools” in their names. Click the [X] button in the top-left corner of the Activity Monitor window. Finally, choose Force Quit in the dialog that appears.

force quit avid pro tools from activity monitor

Step 2: Remove Pro Tools from the Applications folder

  1. Open the Applications folder by clicking on Finder in the Dock and selecting Applications from the sidebar.
  2. Locate Pro Tools in the Applications folder.
  3. Drag the Pro Tools application to the Trash in the Dock or right-click on it and select Move to Trash.
  4. Empty the Trash to complete the removal.
delete pro tools from applications folder

This is the main uninstall step, but there are still a few things left to do if you want to uninstall Pro Tools completely.

Step 3: Delete leftover Pro Tools files

The final step of the manual uninstall process is the deletion of residual files.

Open Finder and click Go > Go to Folder in the top menu bar.
Type or paste the following paths into the dialog box, one after the other:

  • ~/Library/Logs/Avid
  • ~/Library/Audio/MIDI Patch Names/Avid
  • ~/Library/Preferences/Avid/Pro Tools
  • ~/Library/Application Support/Avid/
  • ~/Library/Application Support/Celemony
  • ~/Library/Application Support/FB360 Spatial Workstation

Move files and folders you find in those locations to your Trash, then empty it.

remove pro tools related files and folders

By following these steps, you will have fully uninstalled Pro Tools and removed all associated files from your Mac.

Use the Pro Tools uninstall script

Another way to uninstall Pro Tools involves using the uninstall script file supplied by the Pro Tools developers.

You can locate the script under /Applications/Avid_Uninstallers/Uninstall Pro Tools.command.

You need to make sure you have admin account privileges, then you can double-click the .command file and this will start the app’s own uninstall script.

Alternative Mac DAWs to consider after uninstalling Pro Tools

In case you are uninstalling Pro Tools to switch to another DAW, here are a few alternative choices you might want to look into and explore further:

  • Ableton Live: Excellent alternative for live performances and electronic music production, with an intuitive workflow and strong MIDI and audio manipulation capabilities.
  • FL Studio: Intuitive step sequencer, excellent for beat making and electronic music, and a wide range of plugins and effects. Lifetime free updates are another attractive feature of FL Studio’s flagship edition.
  • Cubase: Comprehensive feature set for recording, editing, and mixing audio, boasting strong MIDI capabilities and high-quality virtual instruments.


Uninstalling Pro Tools from your Mac can be a straightforward process, whether you opt for a manual approach or choose to use a specialized uninstaller tool such as the one SpyHunter offers.

The key is to ensure that all associated files and settings are thoroughly removed to prevent future issues and to free up valuable storage space.

For more information and an excellent resource on uninstalling any app from your Mac, check out our comprehensive guide on how to uninstall apps from your Mac, which you may find helpful.

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